Protection for the Dead Sea Hotels and the beach infrastructures against a flood.

Location: Dead Sea, Israel
Client: DSPGC
Budget: 280 Million NIS
Years: 2013-2016
Services: PCMC - Project Construction management Company
The Project:

The project refers to Construction works required in order to provide shore area protection measures around hotels located along the western bank of Pan 5, a large industrial evaporation pan operated by Dead Sea Works Ltd. (DSW) under a concession granted by the Israeli Government in Israel's Dead Sea area.

In the framework of Pan 5 operation, the water level in the pan rises annually by about 20 cm, with the attendant threat of flooding and subsurface penetration of water into the hotels' tourist and recreation facilities.

The projects thus includes: 


  • The provision of a dewatering system in order to lower the groundwater level at the site of the hotels.
  • The raise of the western Pan embanckment including reconstruction of infrastructures and facilities for turists.
  • Re construction of Bokeque outlet channel together with bridge rplacement and traffic arrangements.